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5 things that are taking online business to the next level right now

Apr 22
5 things that are taking online business to the next level right now
We love exploring a great idea at Webcoda. It keeps us sharp in between projects. It also means we can add to the projects and our skills as we go. There have been some really cool things gaining traction recently in online business. So we thought we’d take the time to look at the 5 thing that have captured our imagination recently.

Here 5 things that can take your online business to the next level that are available right now

Virtual reality as a demonstration

It may seem like something you’d expect in a futuristic film where you enter a strange world where nothing is as it seems, but virtual reality has some fantastic applications for business and all kinds of organisations.

For example, fire fighters in North America use virtual reality for training as the first steps to learning how to fight fires. This is a great way to get new fire fighters building in confidence prior to engaging in an emergency situation.

The automotive industry is also integrating virtual reality into windscreens to offer maps, vital information about your speed and petrol as well as using it to enhance safety by detecting blind spots.

But you don’t have to be on the road to get excited by virtual reality.

Real estate agents and property developers are now selling apartments off the plan through virtual reality. Webcoda even had the privilege of working with Investa on their website for office blocks that uses virtual reality to so the potential of investment.

It can also be used by organisations that are building large scale refurbishments of public works such as hospitals, parks, parking arrangements, highways, public transport changes and all kinds of public amenities. This can help minimise misunderstandings and protests through proving working models. This can be huge in bridging the gap between what a designer or engineer sees and someone without that experience. 

By using virtual reality, you can help your customers immerse themselves in what you plan to create in future. That can be powerful for sales, handling complaints and gaining feedback of all kinds.


Customer conversations with Chat bots

Imagine you’re handling an enormous amount of the same queries online and on the phone. Your customer service team can become fatigued by such situations. Think of service disruptions and complaints. Or regular new sales information and commonly asked questions to make a sale. We have an FAQ on our websites because we know there are questions that customers like to ask.

You can now help your sales team and customer service representatives focus on working well without fatigue by helping support them.

Chat bots can be activated on websites, social media channels and pretty much any online property you can think of. They can use text based chat or auditory, which makes them ideal for businesses and organisations that require support for people with disabilities.

You can use Chat Bots as a helpline, to book appointments and even to help with diagnosis of technical problems and medical conditions as a front line. Chat Bots can make headlines for their customer service capabilities.

Just about any process you can think of where a baseline can be established in a few simple questions, a Chat Bot can be applied.

This frees your sales and customer service centres up for closing the sales and handling the tricky cases without feeling like a human parrot. And may even add to the quality of information received in those vital early stages through qualifying and standardising the process.   

Integrate and automate

Take that Kentico CMS of yours and pop it on the cloud via Kentico Cloud. Or make those manual processes seamless and accessible with an app. Connect the team up and keep track of information, projects and add spice to virtual communication via Extranets and Intranets.

Whatever you can think of that is causing your team to have to juggle multiple platforms and programs can be streamlined.

No challenge to big or too small- we’ve dealt with layers of process and builds that would make your tail and head spin in opposite directions. Bring us your tangled mass of platforms and we’ll smooth it all down for you with some systems integration.

Audio as a marketing tool

The podcast may have been around for a while. But 2017 is the year that Australians are putting their best audio foot forward online.

Podcasts have become a great way to reach your audience. Through providing information through to talking about the industry, looking at ways to create better business moves and so on, podcasts are really coming together.

You can bootstrap your way to copywriting glory, take on a criminal case and catch up on all the business happenings. Even kids have their own podcasts these days via places like the Opera House series ‘Kid’s Life’.

So popular are podcasts that Australia has given birth to a social media platform for podcasts that make it super simple called Whooshkaa that submits direct to iTunes.

Your business can take content marketing to the next level by sharing the behind the scenes moments, creating a business story, doing your marketing or supporting the customer journey.

On your very own podcast, you capture that intimate space on the bus, during the daily walk or at home. This is incredibly powerful and gives customers yet another reason to engage and interact with your company.

Voice search has matured

Google and SEO have come a long way. Hummingbird was introduced to support voice search and its working. People are speaking to their phones to find directions, things to do and to help them during a problem or crisis.

We’re using those small moments to ask questions and look for what we need. Google says that 20% of all queries are now driven by voice search and some estimate it will reach 50% by 2020.

Gone are the days where your website had to stuff in the keywords in the vain hope of ranking well. Now, you can move back to conversation content marketing and capture your audience’s attention by searching how we speak.

Thanks to semantics, Google can also take into account the context of your search. So if you are asking about lunch, it’s not all of a sudden going to throw you an article on the Earl of Sandwich when asking about your local options.

So how do you make the most of voice search? That’s a topic for an entirely different article. But the basic ideas are to create copy that builds on story, uses a variety of terms we’d naturally use and think about that time pressed person that is out and about on the streets looking for your product.

If your product or service falls into the category of satiating an immediate need, then you should consider investing in content marketing and SEO copy that supports that voice driven customer.

Businesses like medical professionals, post injury care, veterinarian chains, food and drink, accommodation, retail shopping, local tourism, crisis services, transportation, emergency trades (e.g. plumbers, electricians etc), roadside assist and emergency mechanics are but a few businesses and organisations that should make voice search a priority.

Looking to move your business forward?

Can you see why we’re excited by all these new technologies and developments? With each comes the ability to have a stronger, longer and more in depth conversation with your customers than ever before.

You don’t have to walk the walk alone. Webcoda are doing what we can to explore, learn and partner with innovators in the online space. So if you’re looking to play in virtual reality, streamline your internal or external process, explore audio, tune up your website voice or make a splash via a Chat Bot, we can help.

Get in touch today! Webcoda are happy to explore the potential for your online business. 

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