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Standing out from the crowd in a template web world

Apr 10
Standing out from the crowd in a template web world

At Webcoda, we pride ourselves on making great websites and using the best web design. In an increasingly competitive website design market, it’s really important to ensure that what you create hits the customer tickle button every time.

It can be difficult. There are a lot of DIY website design choices out there. There are the various kinds of website platforms to consider.

At Webcoda, we stay true to using Kentico CMS with custom development, the best in application integration and web design at all times.

Here’s some of the ways we make our websites unique and special with the same elements time and time again

We take the time to discuss the web design

As a web development and design agency, we inherit customers who have seen the process as more driven by the technology. “The technology allows for XYZ, so here is what you can do with it” sorts of attitudes permeate throughout the online world.

Even with user centred design, design thinking and agile processes, there’s still that disconnect between the customer, the creation and the best use of web design in terms of customer.
Humans tend to blinker themselves. We love working within clearly defined lines and thrive when we have constraints on the projects and tasks we attempt.

Yet time and time again, what can happen in these situations is that constraints dominate the process and don’t allow for the project to breathe properly. The focus on process, meeting SEO requirements, managing branding guidelines, using personas, catering to your limitations as a web design agency- all these things create the boundaries that help projects flourish.

Not allowing constraints to kill off the creativity

One of the best ways we’ve found to ensure the web design process doesn’t become hampered by the very things that are meant to enhance the experience is by remembering the simple things outside the project.
What does that mean?

Well, listening to the client and what they need and want before even thinking about the kinds of solutions we’ll employ helps.

Being brave enough to suggest alternative ways to do a project or tackle a web design if the situation doesn’t warrant a certain focus is important too.
Researching and immersing ourselves in the process is great.

Understanding that no process and no platform are ever going to meet 100% of projects all the time. So too is being flexible and brave enough to admit it.

Being playful with the projects

In busy design agency environments, the irony becomes that people don’t allow time to play. They forget that creating and exploring are very much a part of making the best possible projects.

Web development and web design is a process that is influenced by how creatively charged your guys are. Humans like to think we work best under pressure, but the reality is we are not designed for continued low level stress and no free thinking time.

There has to be that moment where creativity and thinking outside the box is allowed to grow. Grabbing inspiration from things like virtual reality or gaming is one way to do it. But so too are simple things such as allowing time to play with designs and new technologies that influence project outcomes.

Sometimes we have to stretch the web designs as far as they can go to come back to a reasonable limit. Allows for that allows for us to learn as we go along and to create the best work possible.

Staying abreast of web trends

It’s a funny old world, this web design thing. It’s a bit like fashion or sneaker design. There are cycles to the look and feel of projects.
One thing is to recognise that these trends exist so that you help people when they are browsing the website. The other is to ensure that you do enough with your own designs that you make your work stand out from the rest.

Being at the forefront of web design technology means you can provide the same sort of principle as good story telling and TV. TV has a bunch of different archetypes and storylines you can adopt. They layer them over the top of each other and produce stories with a twist. They do this because they know these themes resonate with the audience and that we can identify with the characters in front of us.

The same is true of web design and development.

Knowing the technology and taking it further

You want your customers, internal and external, to be on a familiar footing. This is why a Kentico CMS has similar look and feel over the years. Or why we have general expectations from how a CMS will operate generally, even if we change to a different format. It also means that when we’re browsing for information as consumers, we can expect to be able to find a menu, footer information and a general layout for content that we know works and are familiar with.

Where it gets exciting is when the CMS, the web design and the features in web development start playing within the rules but also taking things to new heights. Providing the well established framework so people know how to use the website helps make them enjoy the experience. Adding the elements that make it stand out such as additional helpful features, a new take on design or development, interesting ways to support rich media and content helps breakthrough.

You may be working within the fashion of the times, but taking it to new heights always makes for an online catwalk splash.

Webcoda do this by:

  • Customising the design of your website

  • Looking for opportunities to integrate apps, technology and other features to support your customer’s journey

  • Focusing on content marketing, SEO and visual presentation

  • Experimenting with rich media such as video, virtual reality, galleries and more

Basically, we understand the web design lines enough to be able to break out of them.

Curious to find out more? Contact us now on (02) 9370 3636.  You won’t be disappointed.

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