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Is Kentico the right CMS for you?

Dec 01
Is Kentico the right CMS for you?
When we first approached by Hammerfall Publishing to help with the Warhammer40kRegicide website, the site was running on WordPress and just needed a few tweaks to make it work on mobile devices. At that point the site was just a brochure site and the CMS they used probably wouldn't have made much of a difference.

Soon the requirements grew and we needed to implement a discussion forum and ecommerce. At this point we knew WordPress wouldnt't cut it as we would have had been relying on third party plugins that couldn't be easily customised and also wouldn't be as robust as a CMS that contaIns these features out of the box.

Kentico is a system that grows with your needs. It has a plethora of mature features box that all work together as opposed to cobbled together plugins that may break next time you upgrade. We have upgraded many extremely complex websites with no problems.

Turn your website into an advanced marketing system 

Kentico comes in a few flavours from a base version to Kentico EMS which is an amazing marketing tool. It has features such as:
  • Advanced workflows
  • A/B Testing
  • Personas
  • Personalisation
  • Newsletters
  • Lead scoring
The marketing automation tools can really increase your website conversions and help engage your site visitors by providing you with indepth insights into what users are doing on your site and using those insights to tailor the user experience.

In summary, if you want a CMS that gives you more than just the standard CMS features and is relatively affordable comapred to other CMS systems that offer coamparable features, you should really check out Kentico.

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