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Got Bad Technology? Your Kentico Partner To The Rescue!

Dec 09
Got Bad Technology? Your Kentico Partner To The Rescue!

Help! I’m drowning in layers of tech

As a Kentico Partner, we're used to helping out businesses that are looking at a new way to approach their technology. They are the government, big business and NFP customers who all share the same issue. 

Walking through the Webcoda doors are entities often heaving under layers of technology. 

Picture someone using all their autumn clothes to get ready to go sledding in the Canadian tundra. Then you’ve got something close to what we see on a regular basis. 

Big organisations often have a lot of requirements. You’re connecting teams around the country and around the globe. You might have customers who require different sorts of feature sets. Perhaps multi-lingual capabilities are a consideration.

You may need to make use of multiple applications to ensure your workforce is serviced properly. You could be dealing with situations where old applications and new technology are barely talking to each other.

It only takes one outdated piece of web or software to start a design and development spiral. As you spend time making room for old technology, you rob yourself of the opportunity to move forward.  Before you know it, you’ve got things that are working at a much lower efficiency than they should.

But at Webcoda, we’re here to help untangle that mess, peel off those layers and get you into something tailored to your needs. 

Here’s why you should consider making the change to a Kentico partner like us for the health of your organisation online

It’s just a matter of time

Have you ever called the customer service line of a company to ask for help only to hear “that’s our policy” and not get any help at all? 

Those situations aren’t only born out of a lack of forethought or a company’s stubbornness. A lot of the time, it’s a poor technology or infrastructure choice holding back that company’s ability to service customer needs. Old tech holds back the chance for an organisation to move with the times. 

It's worrying to think how many large organisations face this issue because they haven't found the right technology. 

Few customers today will let you off the hook lightly. The trouble is, you may never know about it.

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According to Ruby Newell-Legner in her book “Understand Customers”, only 4% of customers will tell you they have a problem. 96% of people won’t let you know if things are going wrong. A scary 91% of that 96% never come back. 

That 4% that comes through to be forthright and cranky is your canary in the business cage. And if you don’t listen to those little yellow guys tweet up a storm, it’s only a matter of time before you’re left with a policy and a problem.

As a Kentico Partner, we've helped many an organisation migrate to our services after other platforms have let them down. We've seen the change via Google Analytics and sales data. 

So if you find your organisation is sharing the message of "that's our policy" because you're stuck with poor technology, we urge you to get in touch. It does not have to be that way! 

The way your technology works influences your sales

We like to think our products and services are so amazing that customers will jump over hoops to get to what they need. Sure, they may forgive us the website that isn’t as pretty as they would like. Or they might persist with technical difficulties during a flash sale.

But American Express found that 78% of consumers would rather abandon a purchase during a poor shopping cart experience than persist.

Google found the average person will give your website less than 6 seconds load time. If you haven't loaded by then, they'll click away from your website and go elsewhere, usually to your competitors.  So important is this impact that Google has made site speed a search engine ranking factor.

If your online experience or application doesn’t work the way someone expects, their trust will lower. If customers don’t trust your technology, they won’t give their credit card or personal details. If we have reason to be suspicious about an online presence, we won’t return to use it again and again.

The cost of acquiring new customers is high. Can you really afford to sit back and let your website give potential customers something to worry about?

As your chosen Kentico Partner, we can build a website and create applications that build on the faith your customers have in you. Our technology lets you know the minute there is a disruption to your customer's experience. 

In most cases, it gives you the ability to fix common problems via the powerful Kentico CMS. And you can call on us to any of the heavy lifting. 


The code that takes is the code that breaks

Programming is wonderful stuff. If it’s written in the same language and working with compatible parts, it’s like Lego. Lego can build tall towers, create entire cities and allow your imagination to run wild. But if you’ve got Lego and you’re trying to get it to make friends with Play Dough and other incompatible toys, it starts getting tricky.

Pretty soon, what you’ve created is more like a Jenga tower with an identity crisis. And one false move and the whole thing can come tumbling down.

The days of the Y2K bug should stand as a stark reminder that small things in tech can have a huge impact.

Y2K also should remind us that there are people with a vested interest in scaring us when it comes to technology. That having a limited knowledge is something others will exploit. Like little old ladies paying ridiculous prices for Y2K stickers for their toaster. You may find that some tech companies will scare the trousers off you to make you stay with them. 

It isn’t always because people are trying to make a fast buck or sell something you don’t need. It may be the limit of own knowledge or a bias for a particular program or application. 

Still, doesn't make it fair on you or your organisation if this is the situation you find yourself in. 

That’s why we feel a little free in this regard at Webcoda. Yes, we love the socks off Kentico. We wouldn't be a Kentico Partner if we didn't. 

But that doesn’t stop us from building applications and websites without Kentico. We chose the Microsoft ASN route so we could have freedom. And we’re not adverse to bringing other programming languages and platforms into the mix.

What we want is a project that works that lasts the long haul. Our own geeky bromance with fellow coders doesn’t enter into that.

It’s about making you the best product possible. So we’re adept at working with existing structures as well as creating new ones. Whatever works for you.

If you suspect that you're being stopped unnecessarily from being able to do the things you want with your technology, call us in. We'll happily talk to you about your existing technology and see what we can do to get you where you want to be. 


The life-preserver of the Kentico Partner 

At Webcoda, we're proud to be a Kentico Partner because it means we've got the ability to tap into a tried and tested platform. It helps us when we have to do battle with other systems. Or help untangle hamstrung organisations from web and tech nightmares. 

We understand that when you've got a mish-mash of system, it can seem like a long walk out of the technology wilderness. But we're here to tell you that there's always a way. 

So don't let your organisation drown in technological nightmares any longer. 

Get in touch and let Webcoda show you what choosing a Kentico Partner can do for you. 

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