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5 ways to dazzle your customers online this summer

Dec 07
5 ways to dazzle your customers online this summer

December, January and February are an odd time for web based marketing. Everyone is in play mode, yet marketing messages are in a fever pitch.

Retailers are looking to make a play for the attention of customers before Christmas, at the sales and when it’s time to go back to school. The government wants to keep us safe in the sun, on the roads and while out partying. Not for profits are looking to leverage the giving mood. All manner of organisations need to talk about reduced hours and ways to make the most out of the holiday trading.

Then you’ve got the post-Christmas crush of sales, Australia Day and St Valentine’s Day vying for attention. That’s laced with heady summer marketing campaigns and a desire to go slow by the holiday-mode customer.
Meanwhile, your average Australian customer is hankering to hit the beach, and wants to contemplate nothing more than ending their work year and fixing their shopping with the least amount of hassle possible.

How do you make sure your web based marketing can cut through the obscene amount of noise? By working smarter, not harder. Here’s how.

Make use of microsites

Nothing quiet says, “we want to capture your eye with our web based marketing” quite like a microsite. A microsite is a great way to run a competition, service a campaign and service the needs of your customers during a busy time with seasonal information.

Microsites are great because they don’t get buried in your existing website like other campaigns. And they can even give you freedom and flexibility with the content that you may not enjoy when it’s tied to your existing branding.

The great thing is, if you build the right microsite, you can also deploy it as a seasonal web based marketing asset time and time again. All you need to have is a CMS, a great user interface to make reskinning simple and some imagination.

Brand your emails, social media and supporting assets

It may sound cheesy but spending time to give your website, social media, email newsletter and other web based marketing material a spit and polish can raise you up to new heights.

People love their branding at Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s Day. They love the symbolism, the cute icons, the funny play on words and yes, even the snow themed stuff we’ve inherited from the Northern Hemisphere.

By using a great CMS like Kentico, you can easily brand your website with custom holiday branding for all occasions. And you can use applications to add additional Christmas cheer and seasonal greetings.

With Kentico CMS, you can also offer an inclusive vibe for the end of year across multiple cultures and languages.   

Work through great customer service messaging

The look of festive season frivolity isn’t the only place where you can lift your promotional game. Providing a wealth of information to your staff can also help support your web based marketing aims better.

By using SharePoint, you can create repositories of information specific to all kinds of seasonal campaigns. You can provide training videos, scripts, examples of what marketing customers may see when they are out and about and more to help your customer service team remain informed.

You can also track the effectiveness of this information with reporting that allows you to measure the data associated accurately.

The brilliant thing about SharePoint too is if the team is working remotely, anyone can still access what they need. That means no more having to come into the office to update the customer service team as a single item during holiday time and seasonal campaigns. It also gives you the ability to manage any communication issues and crisis seamlessly, no matter where you and your boardshorts are this summer.

Deploy the chatbots

If your customer service, sales and help desk team are heaving under the weight of increased traffic and demand, why not consider automating with a chatbot?

Chatbots can be used to give routine information, answer questions, supply supporting marketing material as well as learning from questions and queries to create a library of valuable information.

These handy little additions to your website, microsite or social media can free up the customer service and sales lines for customised queries, lowering wait times. They can reduce the chance of missing a sale as well as help de-escalate any anger.
It also keeps your team fresh and focussed when they are working. And it can be a viable option if you’re reduced to a skeleton crew over the summer period. 

Virtual celebrations

Virtual reality is one of the hottest ways to shop in Asia at the moment- and it can help you too. Imagine putting your product virtually in the hands of your customers. That new rug can be visualised right off the bat. The holiday accommodation can be toured. The story of your latest artisan product can unfold in real time.

Message delivery can also be aced. Simulations to remind youths not to take risks on the roads or with alcohol and other risky behaviours are hard to ignore. So too are simulations of house fires, emergencies and more. You can also use virtual reality to create landscapes based on the conditions of another country during a charity drive or deliver a sense of how life changing an animal rescue campaign could be.

No matter the web based marketing campaign you’re interested in, virtual reality can put your customers right in the frame.

Do your best work and the rest will follow

Web based marketing campaigns that challenge our ideas, use stand out concepts, tell great stories, feature sumptuous design, play on the sentimental and allow us to experience the world in a different way stick with us.
We live in an age where priming your customer service team and inviting your customers to play and explore the online world in new and interesting ways has never been easier. Take advantage of that fact!

If you want to crack out a stand out web based marketing campaign this summer, call Webcoda now on Sydney 02 9370 3636

Photo of Bondi Beach by Jeremy Bishop via Unsplash 

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