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How to make a memorable branding splash with your next web design

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Dec 20
How to make a memorable branding splash with your next web design
Have you seen the world of marketing lately? Web design is no easy picnic in this climate of brands are crying out for attention everywhere. You can’t walk through social media, the internet or the streets without being pummelled by marketing and advertising. We’re surrounded. So much so that it’s estimated the average person sees over 5000 ads per day.

Yikes. How are you meant to compete with that?!

Well, dear reader. Consistency is key. It takes an applied effort to get to a consistent brand, but once you’re there, marketing becomes a whole lot simpler.

This is how you can revamp your marketing by making a memorable web design as a cornerstone to branding

It’s in the way that you say it

Typography and fonts matter. They matter because they instantly associate us with a brand. They also matter because choosing the right typography and fonts can mean the difference between an inaccessible bunch of marketing or a hit.

People love type in web design. We seek it out in art, graffiti and to guide us through life. It’s like a visual sign post for the people engaging with your brand to become educated and find out more.

When choosing your fonts, you need to consider:
  • Visual impairment and disability compliance. Having typography and font that is illegible is not helpful
  • Compliance with design. Using Google true fonts means you avoid any disappearing or garbled fonts because of choosing a non-supported font
  • Size, colour and placement across all your branding. Choose a font that can work in all conditions, paper, print, outdoor and online
  • Your existing branding. Will the choices of the past hold up now?
  • Trends in the marketplace. It never hurts to check out the latest design trends as well as what your competitors are using
The typography and font you choose influences every single element. Choose wisely.

It’s in what you say: Copywriting matters 

One of the places a lot of web design agencies let their clients down is they fail to consider copywriting as a branding element. They reuse old copy, lean too heavily on SEO or think near enough is good enough.
But from the smallest beverage label through to the largest website or brochure, copy matters.
Here is your opportunity to educate, direct and win over your customer. Tell the story, create and immersive experience and plant the seeds of the phrases you want your customers to repeat to their friends.

There are quite a few elements to consider when selecting the right copy for your brand:
  • Taglines and key phrases you want to be recognised for and own in the marketplace
  • Tricky terms and terminologies that have negative connotations in your industry
  • Developing a voice and style that can withstand multiple people writing under
  • Balancing the needs of SEO with brand and industry
  • Including strong calls to action and making it simple to find your way in the content
  • Uniformity in presentation such as header content, word counts and content length
  • Personality must attract the audience
  • Language level must be accessible to the intended audience across age, language capability and incorporating disability requirements
  • The content must be useful, relevant and guiding your audience to act, self-research, make contact and return in equal measure

As the voice of your company, your copy should sit alongside the design elements of your brand as an equal. Not as an afterthought.

It’s in what you see: visual attraction

The basic elements of web design of course play a huge role in branding. It’s about the logo, the colour palette chosen, the elements used and the photography. Your design is a landscape of beauty. Just like a landscape painting, it draws the eye to the beauty. It gives the experience and the memorability. Design is that tiny prick of colour we see that triggers a memory or the user experience that guides us through to the best possible conclusion.

Your web design needs to include elements that helps:
  • Signpost navigation and make it clear to the audience where they are going and where they should go next
  • Aid in recall in those moments of consuming advertising or when a customer is trying desperately to remember what it is they wanted to buy
  • Create a visual distinction between your products and services in a crowded marketplace
  • Encourage an emotional connection with the brand overall
  • Make life easier to buy a product, find out more and be a fan

Web design is incredibly powerful for this reason. It is your story book world of invitation and creation that your audience will play in. It makes you seem professional, recognisable and very you all in one.

It’s the guiding light to brand connection

Web design is useless if you don’t prompt customer action. Branding must incorporate a clear path to action. There’s no point in signposting the way, delivering the story and providing the experience if you aren’t going to close the deal!

Marketers know that the audience won’t act without prompts. That’s why clear calls to action and ways to capture interest are vital to the success of any brand.

Without being obtrusive and seeming as helpful as possible, you need to chart out your marketing as though it is a roadmap to action. You must consider your customers intentions and provide them the appropriate calls to action to make that journey possible.

Some of the calls to action you must brand properly are:
  • Lead generation activities such as signups for further information
  • Invitations to join the newsletter and social media platforms
  • When a booking, enquiry or phone call should be made
  • Encouraging commentary and feedback   
  • During sales and promotions

Making it simple for your customers to follow the paths by branding and making uniform calls to action can help take their journey with you to the next level.

It’s what we look for

When you brand your business, you’re really saying that you’re proud of the good and services you provide. So much so that you want to stand up and be remembered for them. Being able to spot you when we’re out and about helps us remember you when you’re needed the most.

When you look at your brand, some of the elements you’ll need to consider include:
  • Web design – including banners, photos, illustrations, vectors and more
  • Videos and animations that help continue the journey
  • Social media platforms and their content
  • Printed marketing materials such as leaflets, postcards and brochures
  • Large format printing such as standees and backdrops for events and presentations
  • Business cards, thank you cards, stickers and letterheads
  • Icon presentation for apps in App Store and Google Play
  • Avatars and icons across any web related asset
  • Point of sale in-store
  • Assets for influencers and public relations campaigns
  • Merchandise and packaging
  • Branded premiums for prizes, events and valued customers

There are a myriad of places your brand needs to be placed. By starting with a clear understanding of what people see, read, interact with and will recognise, you can make your brand stand the test of time. Branding we love even becomes the art of tomorrow.

When was the last time you looked at your web design and marketing elements from a branding perspective? If the time to refresh online is now, get in touch.

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