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Using Our Web Skills For Heart Health in Aboriginal Australia

Feb 09
Using Our Web Skills For Heart Health in Aboriginal Australia
One of the most rewarding things about working at Sydney web design agency Webcoda is we often work with organisations that are changing lives. We work with a wide spectrum of government departments and public services. Our work is seen widely through the Australian not for profit sector. So we get to touch all corners of the Australian community and share all kinds of interesting messages.

An area where we are particularly proud is when we work on projects that save lives. Our recent work about heart health is an important example of that.

What is extra special is we got to work with leaders in the Aboriginal community.

So working with St Vincent’s Hospital, a world leader in heart health, to share inspiring messages with the Australian Indigenous community was one we were particularly honoured to be a part of.

When young men do great things

Latrell Mitchell is a Sydney Rooster. He’s usually known for his skills in the National Rugby League circuit. His determination and ability is something you’d see each time he laces up to play in 2016 and saw him score 14 tries for the Roosters in his debut year.

Another thing that he is determined to do is highlight heart health for Aboriginal Australia. The death of his 16 year old cousin last year from an undiagnosed heart condition broke his heart. The shadow of heart issues that follows his family and the ATSI community has filled his spirit with resolve.

Latrell Mitchell is only 19. But he’s doing great things on and off the field. He’s recorded one of the most honest, open and thought provoking messages about Aboriginal heart health you can possibly hear.

Our tiny part in the big picture

As a Sydney web design agency we were thrilled to be called on to develop the website that shares Latrell’s message. But its people like Latrell who are going to spread the message far and wide and get the change happening that is needed.

Working to share these stories in real terms helps. Being able to use technology to bring Latrell’s message and the messages of other community members is something we are incredibly proud of.  

Why this message is an important one

Aboriginal Australians are 3 times more likely than non-Indigenous Australians to have a heart attack. They are 1.3 times more likely to die from cardio-vascular disease.

Having important conversations and getting people talking about heart health within his community is Latrell’s aim.

“My family didn’t have an NRL player to help them. I put my hand up to help. I am building a profile so I can help people. It’s what I want to do,” explained Latrell to Sydney Morning Herald in a recent interview about the project.

Want to find out more about the important work St Vincent’s are doing or hear Latrell’s inspiring message for yourself? Head to St  Vincent’s Hospital dedicated Aboriginal heart health website.


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