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When Website Development Isn't Just Website Development

Feb 09
When Website Development Isn't Just Website Development

Here are some of the moments we’ve discovered with our clients where it’s not necessarily the website development itself that is at the core of the project

Tackling tricky subjects

Website development involves delivering a wide variety of information. But it’s far more than pleasing Google or ensuring all your design ducks are quacking happily.

When humans are under stress, we need extra support, care and sensitivity.

Situations that cause us to weaken at the knees don’t need bells and whistles or intrusive sales tactics. They need features that will help us work through the process of what we’re going through. They need websites and apps that are so simple and useful that we don’t even really notice we’re using them.

It needs copywriting that works with the SEO so that if you need that information, it’s easy to find. But is also written in such a way as to cut out the fluff. And in some cases, especially when dealing with subjects such as medicine, law and finances, be written in a way that is also compliant with industry standards and guidelines.

If you are concerned that you might have an STI or you’ve just had a cancer diagnosis, that website you rely on has to be the last thing you are worrying about.

That’s why we advocate for website development that includes extensive user acceptance tests, using research from the NFP or government body involved.

Most importantly, we make it our business to be creating with empathy and heart.

Want to see some of our work in this area? Check out the HIV Dried Blood Spot Test and Act for Peace.

Being able to collaborate



Technology companies and especially the tech leads working within often have a bit of a reputation. You’ve got your arrogant coder or developer. You’ve got the overzealous sales lead. There are the precious web designers and the off the wall app developers. If you work in website development and other forms of tech, people immediately expect you to be protective, stubborn and maybe even defensive.

One of the reasons we started Webcoda is that we didn’t enjoy being painted with that brush. And we knew there was a different way to approach things.

The trick to knowing how to do things is being curious and able to explore. We respect that we’re not always cutting edge with certain technologies, but we’re willing to learn. Part of that learning process has been open to collaboration.

We don’t create walls where we won’t work with other virtual reality specialists or take on your design. We don’t refuse to integrate your system and instead sell you what we want to use.

That kind of behaviour doesn’t make your journey as our client pleasant. Besides, if you are curious and open to knowing new things, you get better at what you do. By collaborating on website development, we get to learn by doing with others that feel the same.

Working with NFPs and government bodies has taught us a healthy respect for working within your means. And that includes integrating systems, working through tender processes and working with other agencies and your departments to get the job done.

Playing with new technology


If you’ve ever visited the Webcoda Facebook, you’ll see we enjoy sharing articles on innovation. We’re also rather fond of experimenting with gaming, virtual reality and new ideas.

This isn’t because we’re living out any wild childhood fantasy of playing with awesome technology (although that does get a look in if we’re honest with ourselves!). It’s because we’re fascinated by new technology and its ability to be applied to website development.

Take for example virtual reality. Using that in the recent Investa website development was fascinating for us. While we didn’t provide that element of the project, it gave us one of those opportunities to play with and experience virtual reality in real terms.

As we mentioned previously, we collaborate to learn. We also make a commitment to take that to new heights.
That’s why we’re seen playing with the virtual reality equipment via console gaming. We’re using our somewhat geeky brains to pull apart that process and discover something we can use.

We play and keep learning so that our website development techniques benefit you.

The magic of simplicity


When a large scale project is on the cards, no matter the organisation, it can fill the staff with trepidation. If you’re moving to a new website development and you’re a council or government body, a major hospital or much loved not for profit institution, you need to make sure you are still able to function.

Let’s face it- something like a hospital in a refurbishment stage doesn’t also want to have to throw out the entire website to accommodate patient and public information. They want to be nimble and able to update information in an instant. Also having that information stand out so people pay attention is incredibly important.

Other website companies might add a takeover screen or a banner. But this is too simple and too easy to ignore. So where do you find the middle ground?

Webcoda have built Kentico content management system websites for a variety of different hospital refurbishments. We’re so adept at pulling the information together, we can start the conversation and 21 days later have your website up and running. That is by no means a small feat. But what it reflects is being nimble.

Working with one hospital to find out exactly what they need and then building something that fits a baseline to suit all helps. It helps keep costs down and it makes the timeline shrink. It also allows for much easier training of staff and better quality support. Plus it gives the frontline staff peace of mind because they’re involved in a tried and true method. They can understand what to expect and see it in action. That helps take an enormous amount of pressure of a worker’s mind.

Website development doesn’t have to be something that is incredibly involved and arduous. You don’t gain any points from taking already busy people away from teeming TO DO lists and heaping them with extra work.

Complicating things doesn’t make it impressive- it simply makes it frustrating.

If you can keep it simple, why not?

Website development isn’t about code and design


This may sound like we’ve been hanging a little too long at the whisky bar shouting “I love you man!” to each other and our Kentico code. But we do honestly think that no matter how good your code and your design, if you don’t add the human elements, you’ve got very little.

Customers and clients, stakeholders and bosses- they are all humans. We enjoy things that show compassion and understanding. We want to connect with others. Creativity and exploring and play are a part of our DNA. Despite making things needlessly cryptic at times, we appreciate and attach to simplicity.

That is what is so important to include inside any great website development.

Want to take your next website development to new heights? You know what to do- get in touch.


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