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Sharing some love for our new pal Umbraco

Feb 09
Sharing some love for our new pal Umbraco

When other web development agencies roll out the jazz hand and create a “ta da” moment, it’s usually because some fantastic person has joined the team. Or they’ve won some prestigious award. Maybe they’ve decided to stump up into fancy new digs with a foosball table. You know, the usual.

At Webcoda though, as we gaze into the blue-sky dreams of the future, we get excited about our toolbox. Wait, that sounds a little…weird.

We think about the magic we can add to our superhero utility belt. We look for ways to improve our services for our not-for-profit, government and business clients.

That might not make us sound like we’re red carpet worthy and we’re Ok with that. We’re better working behind the scenes to give you great websites anyway.

And that’s why we’ve become incredibly enamoured with and decided to start offering websites made with Umbraco.


Umbraco, what have you got?

There are some particularly delicious reasons to pick Umbraco.

It was a content management system from birth. The way it seamlessly integrates media, applications and expands and contracts with the needs of business is a beauty to behold. It’s intuitive and reduces the effort and time required to launch promotions, update content and more as a result.

It’s truly flexible. Like an exquisite dancer that can read the audience, Umbraco performs fluidly from the back end to the front. It’s connected to the cloud and sharing the best core product from Umbraco. This means you receive updates that better enable new features and the best security performance through real-time updates as standard.

Umbraco wants you to feel in charge of your website and invested in the process. It’s about lowering hindrance and headache. That’s why media management is simple and done in a few clicks. It has SEO built into the system so that supporting your ranking goals in the CMS are simple for all kinds of users. And the SEO kicks in right from launch.

Lean and clean, Umbraco keeps the tidiest shop with HTML code. This means it has two sides of its personality that a lot of web development platforms struggle with working in tandem. Namely, it’s simple to customise the design and to do that customisation without losing a lick of speed.

That means your website doesn’t look like someone else’s website. You can’t pick an Umbraco website in the crowd like you may be able to do with drag and drop websites.

It’s also flexible, it doesn’t have the hefty fees of some propriety websites and it’s so well designed, you can pretty much put the office technophobe in front of it and not have to worry about it.

And Umbraco run a partner program that ensures that web development agencies are educated and supported to ensure the integrity of your website from build to launch and on. Webcoda is a part of that partner program.

Why Umbraco when there’s WordPress?

Umbraco is a solid content management system. If it were go into the heavy world title of web development platforms, it’d probably be the matched up with WordPress as the “battle of the century”.

This isn’t because Umbraco is comparable with WordPress. More that the popular press puts them side by side. Umbraco is a CMS first and foremost. WordPress is a blog that grew content management capabilities.

Umbraco and WordPress are both open source. Yet Umbraco leans towards Microsoft for compatibility and as such, gets a lot more quality assurance checks along the way with anything that is created for it.

Another key difference is that although both allow for low entry websites in terms of features and costs that grow over time, Umbraco is built to grow. WordPress is only as good as the plugin and theme relationship going on within a website. This means that Umbraco expands without speed becoming an issue or bits breaking along the way.

It’s also intelligent enough to resize images and work with media in an intelligent fashion. Again, it’s not up to you or a plugin to figure out how to maintain speed on your website. Umbraco is geared towards great speed.

In short, comparing Umbraco to WordPress might set the tone but it’s not an accurate match. It’s like comparing a humble fighter with great skills that simply wants to get the job done to a fighter that’s good depending on the mood of the day that has a big mouth and fat PR machine.

Why offer Umbraco web services when Kentico is so cool?

Webcoda still has an enduring love for Kentico. She’s like the stylish, well-oiled professional that knows all the right networks and can support all the right people. The way we see it, Umbraco is Kentico’s younger, slightly hip sister.

Umbraco is nimble and affordable when you need to move quickly to ace SEO, launch at speed and move away from monthly fees. Umbraco connects with a variety of open source integrations and is built to allow you the ability to meet market needs at speed.

Kentico gives you long lasting power to hold your organisational head up high. Kentico allows massive loads of information, multiple users and complex websites made simple.

We’ve chosen to offer both forms because they’re both compatible with Microsoft. They are both solid products that are incredibly well-serviced. Both are user friendly and allow you to make the best out of content management systems with a growing team or need. Plus, they’re products that are tested and monitored for quality. That way, they are designed to meet growing business, security and technology needs.

The main difference comes down to applying Kentico CMS to large scale projects that might require multiple languages, vast amounts of pages and extra attention to maintain quality. Umbraco is built to get you off the ground running quickly.

It’s the difference between the Sydney Opera House and the Enmore Theatre. Both are wonderful experiences and bring some quality content to your door. But they do that through knowing the audience and catering for the experience the way the audience expects that kind of venue would provide.

When does the magical Umbraco tour begin?

You are in luck- the kick off is any time you want to. Our web development agency is all about providing you with what you want when you want it. You can dive on in to Umbraco now. We’re studied, we’re seasoned, and we’re partners.

Want to find out how Umbraco can make your next web development project perform? Contact us now!

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