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Get your ducks in a row on NFP website design projects

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Jul 10
Get your ducks in a row on NFP website design projects

At Webcoda, we’re proud to be involved in government and NFP website design projects on a regular basis. Being able to use our development and design talents in this sector is both a love and a talent.

Having done countless NFP website design projects, we’ve also learned a thing or two about what works the best. The right design can help your customers have a smoother ride, encourage additional participation by the community with your NFP and improve your ability to receive donations and volunteers.  

That’s why we’re sharing our principles of great NFP website design projects so that you can benefit!

Responsiveness and accessibility

Welcome to the new age of the internet- where your website has to be there for the interested person within a few simple clicks. Your members, potential donators, current customers and the people you support within the community all want to have access on their terms.

This is where responsiveness and accessibility becomes so important.

You can’t afford to operate as an NFP without being accessible across computers, smart phones and tablets. People browse at the bus stop, in front of the TV and at work, and you need to be right along there with them. It’s such a big part of how we interact with the web that Google has made it a cornerstone ranking factor.

So first of all, you need to be responsive so that people can use their chosen technology to access your website with the minimum amount of fuss.

Responsiveness also helps people with learning difficulties and disabilities use your website better. The simple motion of pinching in and out on text for example can make a huge difference to someone that has trouble reading.

Secondly, NFP website design also needs to ensure its W3 compliant. This means that the website you are building complies with disability requirements. Catering to people with disabilities isn’t only a requirement of NFPs or charities working within the sector.

1 in 5 Australians have a disability. An estimated 2 million Australians have dyslexia and a further 357,000 Australians are blind or have low vision. This also doesn’t include people that may have colour blindness and colour deficiencies that influence the design palette used.

If you design with disability in mind, you can cover a wider range of the community and therefore increase participation with your online presence as a result.

Action orientated usage is highlighted

Marketing an NFP is no small undertaking. It can be difficult to get the message through to the wider community, especially if you have limited resources and small budgets.

Webcoda undertakes all NFP website design projects with this in mind. That’s why we choose to promote action orientated approaches to ensuring you can make the most out of your website.

What do we mean by this?

First of all, we design your website as the central repository of information. It’s the mainstay of your marketing campaigns because it drives the customer’s ability to research, connect, donate and interact. Your NFP website needs to be able to stand the test of time. It also needs to be a place that you can centre your marketing, customer service and donation gathering around, day in and day out.

Some of the things we consider for NFP website design are:

  • How much self-researching is done by your audience and what we can do to make this as easy as possible

  • Ways to keep your audience connected through regular updates, blogs and so on

  • Making the connection to community as easy as possible. Newsletter sign ups, casual interaction, virtual tours, forums and more help your potential members engage right from the first visit

  • Strong prompts for actions. Calls to action, a nice easy flow of information and user design that creates the desire to keep learning, keep exploring and keep engaging is all part of the process

  • Making donation as simple as possible When someone is keen to donate, they need to be able to do quickly, efficiently and without having to dig around

  • Having all roads lead to connection. From signing up for updates through to donating, purchasing subscriptions, becoming a member and more, your NFP website should translate a casual glance into a positive relationship as soon as it possibly can

  • Evidence of community. People want to know they are joining the fight and becoming a part of something bigger than themselves. So this may include demonstrating funds raised during a campaign, members that have joined, lives that have been saved, mouths that have been fed and all kinds of statistics that prove how their interest as an individual translates on a larger scale

Making action the cornerstone of your NFP website design project makes it simpler to promote the kind of action you need from the community.

Great storytelling

Great storytelling is also a major part of having an engaging NFP website design project. Bite-sized information for quick scanning and overview is really important. That’s why we’ll often advocate for elements such as animation, infographics and bite-sized statistics and facts in highlights on the website to help with the story.

Photography, video and visual story telling is also incredibly important. Clean, clear photos, welcoming drawings and things that make a visual impact reality help. Not everyone wants to read a story- they may want to have it delivered in a fun and interesting way. They may want to see the film history of your NFP or get the behind the scenes look at the work you do.

You can also allay fears with great copy and research, all driven by SEO copywriting that helps you rank well against competing entities and misinformation.

Having websites that not only incorporate these elements but also have the technology to deliver them to Australians on varying internet speeds and during peak times without a glitch comes down to choosing the right sort of NFP website design and storage and hosting. All things Webcoda can help you with! 

Great NFP website design starts with you

No one knows your organisation better than you do. We want to hear your stories, discover how you work to help the community and translate that into a powerful web experience. Webcoda’s aim is to find that magical moment within all the great work you do and highlight it in a creative, appealing and accessible way.

In a world where misinformation about health, green-washing and other unfortunate situations are growing, we want to help you to create a trusted website your customers can rely on. And choose to share with their friends, family and extended social circles. 

From adding a dash of comedy to help tackle serious subjects through to giving your marketing efforts a leg up, we can help.

It all begins with that first phone call or email.

Get in touch with Webcoda today and uncover the power in great NFP website design today.  

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