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Customers are hungry for information. Here’s how to keep pace

Jun 26
Customers are hungry for information. Here’s how to keep pace
Even with the best content management system and protocols in place, the internet has well and truly taken us to new heights with information sharing. We can self research, make informed decisions, solve pub trivia debates and stay in touch with long lost relatives with a bit of typing and a few clicks.

With this new ability to share information has also come a higher level of expectation. We want the news immediately. We want updates on news items from a decade or more ago. We view websites and lean social media profiles or dated content marketing with suspicion.

So how do you keep pace when people have a seemingly voracious appetite for content marketing and information?

Here are a few ways you can keep the flow of information happening using the best content management system and supporting content marketing management ideas

Have a Content Management System (CMS)

Having the best content management system (or CMS) in place is a must in today’s world. You have to have the ability to update pages and publish posts with ease. A static website is of no use to anyone except the company that you are paying to update it for you.

Your organisation deserves to have access to your website. In best case scenarios, it creates bottlenecks for your customer service, marketing and systems teams because they lose the ability to take charge when the situation calls for it. It can make the difference between an appropriate response during a situation and a full blown emergency.

No one wants to have to wait hours to complete what may be a 5 minute task.

Choosing the right CMS means you can do things such as:

  • Change content on pages

  • Edit, publish and delete blog posts as needed

  • Use pop ups and other alerts to answer time sensitive queries

  • Message your members directly

  • Upload video and audio files

  • Create calls to action to funnel customers to the right source quickly

  • Provide downloads that can help your customers such as pdfs and documents

It means that you can respond quickly to close a sale, allay fears during a news-cycle, inform your customers when there are changes to their service level and better support your customer service and marketing teams.
Luckily, we have the best content management system in the world in the shape of Kentico ready to deploy for your projects.

Make sure you plan your content marketing

Even the best content management system in the world can’t make up for content marketing that has no rhyme or reason. That’s why planning your content is super important. Content marketing works best when you have the ability to manage the workload effectively. You have to be nimble enough to respond to particular events, but also have a baseline that allows your customers to expect content from you.

One of the biggest mistakes an organisation can make is not realising that consistency counts when it comes to content marketing efforts. Your customers want to know they can count on your social media, blog and newsletter to find out what they need. Not only are you providing what they want on a regular basis, you’re also training them to go to the places you offer to get info and help during a crisis situation.

Planning your content marketing should include but not be limited to:

  • Regular updates via blogs, social media and other forms of content to entice interested parties to become invested community members

  • Regular updates via blogs, social media and other forms of content to make that investment in membership (monetary or not) worthwhile

  • Education on how to use your products and services effectively. Both to improve the member experience and also reduce the load on customer service

  • A working disaster plan that caters for events that may cause problems for your members. This might include service disruptions, complaints about products and/or services, news events within the industry, consumer backlash about policies, the inability to access an event etc. Whatever might garner criticism should be reviewed and planned for

  • The introduction and/or growth of organisational philosophy and aims through blogs, videos and items such as whitepapers

  • Cyclical information such as regular Q and A sessions via social media, monthly newsletters, updates and run downs to keep customers interested between major events and purchases 

  • Industry news

Give the feast to the hungry mind so they are keen to tune into you for their advice and information. That way, your perfect content marketing plan is ready to be dropped into the best content management system as soon as it’s needed.

Automate what you can

As a large organisation, government department or time poor not for profit, you cannot be expected to start each day with manual posts and a large volume of content marketing distribution. You can however help yourself to stay ahead of the curve with automation and using the best content management system and tools on the market to do so.

If you streamline the process to sharing daily content, you can act faster when the need strikes.

Here’s some of the ways you can automate content:

  • Check out the features already available to you. Most email newsletter programs allow you to schedule sending in advance. As the best content marketing system on the market, Kentico CMS allows you to schedule pages and posts ahead of time. Facebook has its own scheduling service that allows you to load the scheduler and pick the appropriate time. See what automation you have available to you – you may be surprised!

  • Make use of social media scheduling. There are many programs on the market that allow you to schedule across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, GooglePlus and more. It’s a matter of matching features to volume

  • Consider chat bots. Chat bots can be used to answer queries via your website, Facebook page and more. They can drastically reduce the amount of repeat questions and streamline the process to information

  • Have alerts pre-planned and ready to go. You can always pre-plan alerts, blog posts, speech files on an IVR and more ahead of time. Simply list them in your disaster plan together with activation information for when the need arises

  • Cater to the ‘on the go’ lifestyle. It’s not just the messages you need to consider. It’s the delivery, too. Think about apps and notifications via email and SMS. And always make sure your website is accessible on smartphones and tablets

It’s always a good idea to have a chat with your systems team and the gang from Webcoda if you are planning to automate parts of the process. We can help with apps, scripts and all kinds of features to help make automation a reality.

Empower your team

Even if you have all the technology in the right places, some organisations hamper their ability to respond to situations by not empowering the team.
The best content management system, perfect content marketing plan and all the amazing automation in the world can’t help you if your staff are afraid of using it.

The thing about today’s world is that customers and content consumers have an expectation that they’ll be able to find out what they need from you within minutes of a problem occurring. And if they don’t get the information from you, they’ll go elsewhere.

If they go elsewhere, they may not receive the sort of information you would like. Or they could get frustrated and angry, making it harder for you to deal with the situation in the long run.

In the good old days, the boss may have wanted to dot the i’s and check the t’s. Maybe this is still a consideration for you now. But you have to remove the bottleneck and meet demand.

So how do you ensure the right information is shared while still remaining quick and effective?

  • Train your team in your branding, voice and presentation. Make guidelines available and work with your various departments to get them on board with thinking like the organisation they represent

  • Make sure your disaster plan includes pre-canned content. A disaster plan shouldn’t only be procedural. It should also include basic templates for internal and external communication in the event of certain issues. That way, you always have a baseline that can be tweaked to suit

  • Have an open door policy. The age of the unapproachable, grumpy manager is well and truly behind us. You have to be there for your staff when they have questions or if the stress is too high. You don’t win awards for being the person no-one wants to call for help in a crisis

  • Don’t punish for simple mistakes. From agencies to large scale organisations, the mythical intern often cops the blame for social media and content marketing mistakes. Don’t fall into that trap. Own your mistakes and keep training your people to get better and better at crisis situations

You can always recover from a well handled mistake. If however you have a culture defined by fear and a lack of autonomy, you’re only going to make life harder in the long run.

Information is power. The speed it’s delivered in is the fuel

Trust comes in many forms. Most of it lies in consistency of message, reliability and the ability to allay concerns and soothe during times of stress. Making sure your technology and your team is primed to meet all kinds of eventualities should be a huge part of your customer service.

Need help defining a way to be better able to respond to everything from disasters to news-cycles? Discover the best content marketing system you’ll ever use. Give Webcoda a call now!

Photo by Roman Kraft

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