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Heads in the clouds with Kentico Cloud

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Mar 30
Heads in the clouds with Kentico Cloud
Man oh man, we’re super excited about Kentico Cloud and what it could mean for Australian businesses and not for profits. It’s true that if Kentico turned out to be a giant robot that lived on cuddles, the Webcoda team would be happy to line up and oblige. But honestly, we’re proud of the pony we’ve chosen to bet on.

Here are some of the reasons why Kentico Cloud is a fantastic web platform for Australian businesses, government departments and not for profit agencies

Low barrier to entry

One of the biggest frustrations any large scale organisation faces is the resistance to changing the technology. You can understand why. People have an awful lot on their plate these days. Add learning an entirely new CMS to do simple tasks and it can often leave a sour taste.

That’s where Kentico Cloud rings a lot of happy bells. It’s designed not for the tech boffin but for the human in mind. It’s designed to be SaaS (software as a service). Kentico Cloud aims to be so intuitive, the end user doesn’t even really notice the technology. It takes the “what you see is what you get” (WYSWYG) seriously.

Meaning junior and new staff members through to the old salty dogs who are wary of technology within your organisation all feel empowered by the tech at hand.

Mobilising your team

Kentico Cloud is in the cloud. We know that sounds like a given, but there are quite a few ways that Kentico Cloud has a different approach to other options in the market.

Kentico Cloud is like having a staging site that everyone can access no matter where they are. They can modify content, add rich media, make changes to the user experience, work on the sitemap, look at taxonomy, moderate, preview content and more within the cloud. You can then push those changes live through exporting to your existing CMS or making use of content delivery API on your computer or mobile device.

Beyond having a team work remotely, you have the ability to literally create your website within Kentico Cloud and then deploy once you are happy.

Defining your team better

One thing that makes any organisation nervous is the whole idea of too many cooks lining up to spoil the website broth. Thankfully, Kentico Cloud not only wants to encourage good web development. It also wants to define exactly who is behind it as well.

You don’t have to worry about anyone over egging the pudding because you can assign pre-defined roles within Kentico Cloud. These roles allow for varying levels of access and recognise the kinds of features each role would need. That way, you don’t have someone who needs a lot of content abilities being swamped by items for developers.

Not only does it make the backend experience easier to manage, it also takes the strain off the various departments in your organisation. Autonomy is assured yet the ability to break anything is minimised.

How is that for smart?

Delivering hot content on the go

When most people think of content for their website or making changes to the user experience, they don’t think of their smartphone or tablet. We’re used to fat backups, big files, sketchy internet and the worry that something can go seriously wrong.

Kentico Cloud however has changed all this.

One of the great things about having Kentico Cloud running is that your changes are in the cloud. You push them live when you need through API or exports mentioned before.

What this means in real terms is that imagine you are at a huge conference or event and something drastically needs to be communicated to your attendees in real time. You don't have to hop in a taxi or call the guys back at the office to make the changes. You can simply whip out your smart phone and make the changes. You can configure what you need, add content and change what you need via Kentico Cloud. Then once you are happy with it, use a much more slimmed down version of those changes to deploy live.

You can create content on the fly without losing quality or missing out on vital information. The internet connections or lack of files is also thrown out the window because everything is available for you in Kentico Cloud.

Even a developer can use super fast API to update applications, shift content from web to mobile apps, change UX and more.


Kentico Engage wants to get personal

Not only can you define roles, give the ability to perfect content in Kentico Cloud and then deliver it at lightning speed via API, you can also personalise your web experience.

Via search, we’ve grown to understand so much about consumers on the web. We can profile them through internet usage, look at the ads they want to see through tailoring it to their search and grow with them by tailoring their web experience.

Now Kentico Cloud via Kentico Engage uses what has been learned in to create a tailored web experience for your customers. Kentico Engage gathers information about your customers through their usage of your website and then customises their experience to suit what they care about. This is like taking the personas you develop at the beginning of a website’s journey and making them real. How your customers interact with your website forms a basis for enhancing their customer experience.

It’s like having a web concierge who is smart enough to pick up on the small details and nimble enough to design the experience to suit in real time.

This has unlimited possibilities in the long term. Imagine a website smart enough to realise there might be a disability at play and to modify the content accordingly. Think of the website that understanding the self researcher wants to see a lot of information yet the person in a rush does not. Imagine those two potential customers having their needs met at the exact same time.

We’re excited, can you tell?

Come join us in the Kentico Clouds

We’re always excited about bringing the best and the brightest to our curious clients at Webcoda. If you think 2017 is a great time to take your online presence to new heights, get in touch.
We’re more than happy to help you navigate the exciting world of Kentico Cloud.

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