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Things you must consider when marketing your mobile app

May 09
Things you must consider when marketing your mobile app
Mobile app design isn’t only about building the physical app. It’s about getting that critical EARLY adoption as well. In April, Webcoda took a look at what it takes to get your app up and running from the technical side of things.

We continue the conversation towards truly successful mobile app design adoption with examining what you need to get people using it.

Hold onto your mobile app designs people, it’s about to get very exciting marketing wise at Webcoda

Mobile App design is a three step process

Many companies like to think the mobile app process begins and end with development. In actuality, this is only a third of the journey. The next two steps are equally important. And they ensure you have to place a high level of thought into the app design in the first place.


When you consider mobile app design, you need to think about:

  1. How do I build this to meet the customer needs?

  2. How do I promote it properly so it receives downloads?

  3. How do I ensure that the app I’ve built remains useful?

There is also a mini step between the download and maintenance phase of getting people to open it up the first or second time. 

Think about your tablet or smartphone for a moment. How many apps have you downloaded over time that you never use? How many have you used once or twice and then moved onto something else? How many apps seemed useful until they had an update or a competing product came along?

One of the trickiest parts of mobile app design is ensuring it remains relevant from the time it is discovered to downloaded, opened and updated. Customers are fickle in the app market. They have high expectations of the technology and low tolerance for poor user experiences, problems and boredom.

So you have to make sure the effort to grow with your customer’s usage is there.

Integrating marketing features

Mobile app design needs to include marketing. It’s the best way to make your app sticky, easy to share and viable for the long haul.

This might mean setting app development time and budget to include features to help with the sharing of the app itself. It may also mean planning how you release your app to the various different audiences.

Some of the things you might have to consider from a marketing perspective when considering the app development are:

  • Integrating social media sharing – think about fitness apps that allow you to share the information on your latest workout or apps that encourage you to review a restaurant on Facebook after a purchase. This sort of promotional activity helps people find you and discover your app as well as satiating the customer’s desire to share their life on social media

  • Velvet rope roll outs – some apps enjoy a lot of success through staggering their roll out to certain markets. Facebook is a classic example of restricting access in the initial stages to create mass appeal at a later date. It may also be a way of testing your app with early adopters as a minimum viable product

  • General gamification – think about the processes within your app that help sell other features and in-app purchasing. Chart out your revenue expectations and what you think customers would be willing to pay for and the avenues in which these extra features can be used to encourage your customers to invite friends

Creating visibility

If you think that placing your app on the App Store or Google Play is all you need to do, think again. There are millions of apps in the market, each with their own special reason for existing, a doppelganger, competitor and more. So you have to ensure your mobile app design is appealing and notable.

The first step to visibility is planning. A couple of things you may need to consider to execute your campaign for world app domination are:

  • A release date – customers want to know when the new app will arrive and they’ll want to know when extra features and major updates are coming as well. So you have to make sure potential customers know when your app will arrive and when their new favourite feature is available 

  • A marketing plan – you’ll need to push your app via social media, Google AdWords and a variety of other places if it for commercial sale

  • A communication plan- if your app is a supporting feature of existing product and/or it’s for medical, NFP or government usage, you will need to communicate this to your existing audience as well an ensure the right press and educational content is in play

  • FAQ content – the more you can supply in an easy to understand format about your chosen mobile app design and how it links into other services and a full exploration of the feature set, the better off you will be in the trust stakes

  • The SEO strategy behind your app – this is important for searching on both App Store and Google Play. Check out MobileDevHQSearchMan, or Appnique.

  • To website or not website? Many apps perform exceptionally well with their own dedicated website, complete with FAQ, blogs and SEO. It also gives you the opportunity to have an email sign up and social media links in one tidy SEO friendly place for the researching customer

These areas are the starting point of your promotional duties with any future app success.

Future proofing your app   

Any good app needs a plan for the future. And that plan for the future includes aspects of mobile app design, marketing, promotion and maintenance.

The sorts of things you need to consider to make your mobile app viable post release are:

  • Customer outreach plan – reviews are critical in the app game, so you’ll need to include provision to obtain the reviews you need for your app. This includes on Google Play and App Store as well as via Google

  • Content marketing strategy- with every new release, update, bug list, feature and to match the inevitable knock offs of great apps, you’ll need to have a robust and working approach to evergreen and time sensitive content on your blog, social media and in the release information on each platform

  • Easy bug reporting – all apps have bugs. Even if you are the best mobile app design company on the planet, you’ll have the odd issue with updates. Conflicts with operating system updates, other apps, and general use of a smartphone, viruses and all sorts of stuff can influence an app’s performance. So making sure your customers feel heard and have the ability to find out why their favourite app isn’t working as it should is an imperative

  • Customer retention plan – as mentioned before, app users are a fickle bunch. You win the mobile app race by adding high touch customer service to the mix. This includes ensuring that your customers are informed and feel valued by the user experience within the app 

  • High touch customer service – app users have to have a very short path to stellar customer service to stay excited by the product. This is yet another reason why robust FAQs, blogs and other supporting content marketing has to be part of the mix

  • Read your analytics and soak in the lessons- knowing what is happening with your app is super important so you can spot areas of improvement and goals you’ve kicked. Make sure that goes well beyond downloads as well

  • Solid base code and coder – while this may seem like something you lead with, it is also part of the app lifecycle. You’ll need to update your app (and have budget to do so) to match releases of smartphone and iPhone operating systems, to meet security concerns and virus proliferation, moves by your competitors and more. So ensuring you have strong code from the beginning and the same level of coding ability throughout each update is a must

Marketing your hot new mobile app design is no easy task. But it is a fun and rewarding one.

Want help bringing your mobile app design to life in terms of functionality and the fun parts after? Get things ‘appening with Webcoda now.

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