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How Much Butt Can You Kick With Kentico CMS?

Nov 14
How Much Butt Can You Kick With Kentico CMS?

How much butt can you kick with a Kentico CMS?

At Webcoda, we sing the praise of any CMS, but none more than the Kentico CMS. While a lot of web developers sing the praises of the beauty of design and talk in terms of UX, we also appreciate what’s under the hood and in cabin.

So without further ado, we’re going to share with you just how much butt you can kick with a Kentico CMS

A CMS means freedom for any business

One of the most wonderful revolutions in web design is the invention of the user friendly CMS. CMS stands for content management system. As the name suggests, a content management system gives your team the ability to manage your web content effectively.

A simple, “what you see is what you get” layout in the back of the website means you can edit, publish and update in real time with minimum fuss. You can use a CMS to upload written content, add photos, link to rich media and embed video with a few simple clicks.

And you can see how your content comes together before sending it live to your customers. Plus, you can optimise it simply for Google by including information such as page titles, headers, meta descriptions and nominating keywords without ever having to touch the HTML or code.

Being able to publish posts and stay up to date with the latest information gives your marketing department a huge edge over ones that have to wait for the design team to help. You can train and mobilise any member of your organisation to produce and upload content.

Plus, if you need to take content quickly for any reason, it is just as simple as creating more with a CMS. You can even set expiry dates on your content so it stops showing at the end of a promotion. Or you can easily take down content that has gone viral for all the wrong reasons in a flash to minimise damage.

So what makes a Kentico CMS so special?

WYSIWYG is the default

Any CMS can make your life a lot easier when it comes to publishing. But not all CMS’s supply as much WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) flexibility as a Kentico CMS.

Because Kentico is a friend to all things Windows, you can enjoy a seamless Windows experience when you are editing posts and pages. The Kentico CMS is designed to not only mirror Word, it accepts all the Windows Office formats as they are. So no more importing or copying of documents only to find vital pieces of the formatting are absent.

Uploading images, embedding videos and making use of easy to browse formats such as bullet points, true fonts, italics and more is a breeze.


The web of many tongues

A lot of businesses need the flexibility to present information in different languages. But with a Kentico CMS, this doesn’t mean having a separate website for each territory or language.

A Kentico CMS is designed to support English, Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and countless Eastern European languages. It’s formatted to support standard reading styles, characters and also those little niceties that make using a CMS so much simpler such as spell check and general formatting

What is even more astounding is that the Kentico CMS is smart enough to translate sections of text on websites to the language you require. And it will flag any pieces that are absent from one website to the next, making localisation so much easier to manage.

You can make use of a CMS that recognises the subtle differences in text to localise it for the front end. You can also customise the workflow for each different office. Plus the website itself is smart enough to know .fr is likely to need French language translation. Or if a page has not been translated as yet, it will display in the default language you nominate.

So no matter who or where you want to reach with your content, you can do so with a Kentico CMS.

Kentico will play with anyone

One of the major drawcards of using Kentico is it plays nice with other applications. Kentico has been designed to bring all kinds of elements together and sit neatly. It accepts all kinds of Microsoft programs and add-ons. A Kentico CMS will happily talk to a SharePoint Intranet for example. Or it will host all manner of ASP.NET application.

Kentico also respects custom applications, databases and existing programs. With a Kentico CMS, the open source code can be told to speak to your in-house CRM just as easily as it can be integrated with a specialised application that makes your life easier.

That’s why it’s the choice for companies that may need to log important sales data about calls directly into files. Or technology companies that need something that will work well with their speciality software without having to build the whole box and dice.

A Kentico CMS will accept all kinds of images, music, and video, PDFs, presentations, Flash or Silverlight applications. You can organise them in galleries and link them to specific parts of your website and even call them through application use.

You can mobilise your sales force while they are on the road or gather all the data your not for profit will ever need to service the needs of your help seekers.

The only thing that limits a Kentico CMS is your imagination.

Why you should choose a Kentico CMS for your business

While other CMS platforms ask you to add in support for important elements such as SEO, document and rich media libraries, multi-lingual websites for localisation, WYSIWYG editors, user friendly URLs, customised workflows, versioning and flexibility when it comes to multi-site management, these are standard with a Kentico CMS.

Couple that with the ability to make use of all kinds of amazing features and the ease of integration, and it’s easy to see why the Kentico CMS kicks serious butt.

Want to see a Kentico CMS in action? Contact Webcoda on (02) 9370 3636 and arrange a demo today. We know you won’t be disappointed. 

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