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Web Developer Tips: Managing a Big Team Online

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Nov 20
Web Developer Tips: Managing a Big Team Online

Tips for managing a big team online

We're more than web developers at Webcoda. We work across all kinds of applications: Sharepoint, custom and Kentico web builds and more. Our aim is to help organisations large and small connect, communicate and collaborate efficiently. 

One of the biggest challenges in business is being able to manage a big team while working on a big project. Whether you’re pooling resources to build something new or you collaborate on a regular basis, the technology you choose can influence your degree of success. 

Today, successful business has unlimited geographical boundaries. It is able to crossover many platforms to satiate the desires of customers on the web via computer, tablet and mobile. Your customers expect to find help in the smallest tweet and the weightiest whitepaper.

This same limitless, seamless and all-encompassing approach is also what your workers expect. They want to be able to access the files they need, collaborate in an instant, and communicate across devices from wherever we roam. 

So it’s important you create the structures you need to make managing your big teams online as accessible and easy as possible. Here are some tips on how you can do just that!

Forget the 'oooh shiny' game

Any good web developer can tell you that what's on trend or popular isn't always the perfect design or software for the job. Once you start looking, you won't be able to move for potential project management options. In the last ten years, getting your team to talk, work and create efficiently has become a boom industry. There appears to be a program or application for just about anything.

While this might seem like a benefit as it gives you a lot of choices, it can also be a negative. Choosing the wrong software applications can create all sorts of unforeseen headaches. You can be bamboozled by lists of features only to find that in practical usage, you only use a small sliver of what is available.

At Webcoda, we suggest a few simple steps to avoid being distracted by big shiny features that add little to no value to what you set out to achieve:

  1. Inventory your current setup. Take the time to get to know the applications and programs that are making your business hum.  
  2. Map the gaps in your process. Look for the places where communication, collaboration and your workflow may be falling down to identify what areas are available for improvement.
  3. Visit the future. Think about the sorts of plans you may have for your team in the future and how that might influence your technological choices today.

Instead of allowing the feature set of the software distract you, put what you need now and in the future front and centre. As a web developer, this is the same approach we employ with any website we're building. Or if we're looking to integrate features. We start with the need of the user and work towards the technology that way. 

Embrace the be anywhere workforce

Google is a fascinating benchmark for all things tech. Not because they routinely send things to the graveyard without a hint of shame. Or because they basically pioneered the world of search. And it's not because of personal web developer bias at play. 

It’s because Google spends an enormous amount of time ensuring that what the humans of the world want, they get.

Google’s focus is ensuring you are served what you want in 4 words or less. This makes them an ideal study when it comes to how people interact with technology. 

Google knows we want relevance and want our ability to find things to get refined continuously. We want to be able to find what we want on every kind of platform you can think of, so this has been incorporated into ranking. Google also knows that we want to speak, type, click and discover what we need with ease. All while having it in multiple forms of rich media to cater to our learning style and preferences.

How your business works with technology has to mirror this ability to work across all kinds of applications, platforms and styles.


Think about the ways being able to access essential work applications and programs can help your business:

  • Giving your staff the ability to telecommute helps you choose workers that are right for the job, no matter where they may be based
  • You can connect your sales force when they are out on the road, visiting in-store via a tablet or smartphone
  • If your business relies on registrations, rosters and events, you can make sign-ups simple and easy no matter where you are
  • Translation from voice to text and back again means no matter where your staff roam, they can participate
  • An at-home computer is always able to access what your staff member needs with the right browser address and an internet connection
  • You can create a lasting log of ideas and communication in an office without meetings and interruptions by shared Intranets and message boards
  • You don't need a web developer to stay fresh with online content. Updating your website to match unexpected events and to cater to opportunities is a synch via a content management system (CMS)
  • You can use intelligent data to create customer service that is there when you need it and not languishing in boredom when you don’t through reporting and workflow management
By opening up your workplace to technology, you can create a happier, more efficient and infinitely more effective workforce. Through studying how your staff interact with technology, you can create solutions to suit.

Integration for the win

At Webcoda, we work with Microsoft products, Kentico CMS, all kinds of eCommerce solutions, SharePoint team services, mobile applications and web-based applications on a daily basis. As we've said before, we're more than web developers. We're integration specialists. We choose these products and work in these fields because we love the flexibility they can bring to a business.

The last thing any company wants is a bunch of applications that are glued together with a web presence like some kind of technological Frankenstein’s monster. Sadly, this is often what we encounter with clients who have come to us from other places.

Integration is key to keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change. You have to be able to be working from a baseline of technology that will welcome the next new invention. It has to be able to make space for the new social media that might come into being. Or cater to the almost yearly changes to Google’s SEO algorithms. It has to cope with the next innovation sent down from HQ. Or be robust enough not to fall apart if software is retired.

By choosing a baseline such as Kentico CMS or Microsoft, your business can be as nimble as it needs to be to stay on the cutting edge. You don’t have to throw out entire systems every 3 years, put websites out to pasture in two or re-train staff continuously as the technology improves.

Through integration, you can create something that is familiar, flexible and future proof with your web developer. 

Big teams need big thinking

The smartest companies in the world are the ones who remain able to perform at their best for the longest. Planning for the future while best supporting your staff now is what makes a company better able to do this.
Instead of choosing software and solutions that fit like a big baggy dress on a growing schoolgirl, give your team the ability to grow with their workload. 


Forget chasing the latest and greatest solutions and learning new tricks each time. Aim for the platforms that give you the best ability to maintain a status quo while enhancing your reach through integrating new technology.

Instead of shying away from change because of the size of your team or the shape of your Frankenstein’s monster, think about the future benefits. 

Choose a web developer who wants you to succeed and be proud of the product we build you for years to come. 

Have you got a big team that is looking to improve productivity and kick a whole new set of goals?
Call Webcoda now for a chat on (02) 9370 3636.

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