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Toot! Toot! Is it time for you to jump on the SharePoint train?

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Nov 30
Toot! Toot! Is it time for you to jump on the SharePoint train?
We’re giddy here at Webcoda- giddy! Why? SharePoint, that’s why. Or it might be the spinning chairs. We’re never quite sure.

Let’s check, shall we?

No, it’s not because we’re looking forward to summer or because someone has put punch in the water cooler. Or ice-cream. Office dogs are rad, but they don't cause this amount of fluttering.

Yep, it's confirmed. It seems we’re giddy because SharePoint exists and it’s amazing. Yet so many people overlook it as their office solution in favour of less compatible, less robust options.

It’s time to change that. 

Without further ado, we’re going to look at why SharePoint is a great asset in your office. Jump on board now!

What is SharePoint and why is it awesome?

If you want a platform where you and the team can connect, share documents and get your content fix, SharePoint is for you. Born in 2001 as a way of categorising and sharing files across companies, SharePoint is a communication hub, intranet and playground all in one.

The benefits of SharePoint over other systems are immediate. It’s safe, secure and compatible with all kinds of Microsoft offering. You can store, share and communicate about any form of content you need to over all devices. It’s a web interface, so you can access files on the go via your internet browser. It’s an easy way to store, search, use and synch documents across team designated sites with ease.

A few key benefits of SharePoint include:
  • Intranet and Extranet capabilities designed to keep everyone on the same page and connected, no matter where they are
  • Social networking communication services so you can keep each relevant conversation in the one place and add to it as ideas evolve
  • A fantastic architecture for storing information, documents and content that is easily categorised and can be built into web pages for ease of use
  • Robust search that allows you to find what you need in an instant. It’s far superior to the kinds of tagging mechanisms you see on filing and productivity software
  • The added extra of in-built business intelligence solutions to use data smarter
  • Connectivity to Microsoft Exchange, MS Unified Communications and MS Office as standard
  • The ability to work on files locally and then synch them with updates and notify others in a few simple clicks
  • Secure cloud computing that means you might be able to access SharePoint anywhere, but the bad guys can’t

Why would SharePoint be great for our government and NFP clients?

Large scale organisations need to be able to keep in touch with their data. You know what it’s like- as soon as you lose connectivity, soon everyone’s drowning in information. After a while, this creates overwhelming mountains of information that is filed and lost. Impacts to work soon follow.

Data is where SharePoint excels. Microsoft developed SharePoint with the kinds of accountability and reporting burden placed on government bodies and NFPs in mind.

Any data you can supply from the Internet of Things can be crunched, quantified and presented. In every SharePoint version are easy to create and easy to read graphs, workflow demonstrations and reporting options. You can even automate data collection to make simpler still.

With an easy way to port in various forms of data, easy ways to analyse it and beautiful presentation options at your fingertips, SharePoint can reduce reporting time and labour significantly. This has a time and cost saving plus frees up your staff for other more pressing tasks.

SharePoint is so popular, it’s the choice of the Queensland Government for NAPLAN information, Teach QLD, Australian Government Border Security and The City of London to name a few.

Even the most inexperienced Intranet/Extranet user looks great with SharePoint

One of the greatest things about SharePoint is that it knows one of the great barriers to team communication and usage of its services is autonomy. Unlike other collaboration software and online communication applications on the market, SharePoint doesn’t ask the user to learn things outside their comfort zone.

There are no funky card walls or weird Facebook simulations begging for attention.  SharePoint is a marvellous demonstration of WYSWYG (what you see is what you get). It’s drag and drop and uses the same commands as anyone familiar with other Microsoft products.

You don’t have to be a designer or developer to participate, making it ideal if you have technophobes in the office. Plus, it looks beautiful and is visually attractive. This helps with recall of information and encourages usage.

The features are practical, not horn tooters

A lot of less robust programs on the market have cuteness on their side. But this cuteness often creates a focus on the cute feature as opposed to the intent of the product, which is to share information and get the team collaborating and communicating better.

The features you have with SharePoint make life simpler without the gimmicks.

SharePoint has all the sorts of things you need such as version control and project collaboration tools built in. SharePoint and Skype work hand in hand to streamline communication and log meetings and instant message chats for future reference.

Centralisation and customisation is a huge thing. You can use all manner of look and feel options to create the look you want from your SharePoint pages. You can also use countless Microsoft apps large and small within SharePoint without having to worry about compatibility issues, fear updates or log in and out of other applications. That way, you can reduce cost, eliminate confusion and make life a lot easier for your staff.

This is your one stop portal for collaboration and document storage in action.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things you can do via SharePoint:
  • Showcase work and ideas to help invigorate the customer service team
  • Provide topics and other categories to help get to information fast to secure that sale or allay that customer issue
  • Begin with template or a blank design to create whatever you need in an easy format, so you can customise across team or project
  • Share your plans, business intelligence reports, Yammer conversations and more to ensure the next meeting is useful
  • Make use of mobile apps to update information, photos, videos and more on the go to help the marketing and social media teams excel
  • Bring the team together to discuss ideas and information whenever you need it
  • Share news as it happens to help with sharing success and preparing for tough times in real time
These apps plus the new Power Apps are bound to make SharePoint and using Office 365 a whole lot more fun now and in the future.

SharePoint is fully supported by Webcoda and Microsoft

Webcoda help you create a SharePoint experience that suits your needs, just as we would with our websites and applications. We help you understand SharePoint and train you to make the most out of the SharePoint experience. As licensed Microsoft vendors, we make it our business for you to not only have the best starting place for your SharePoint journey, but to also continue the joy along the way.

Plus, as a Microsoft product, you have countless help articles, video tutorials, how to documents and a wealth of blogs with tips and tricks to draw on.

Want to take team collaboration to the next level? Hop on board the SharePoint train and let’s get your team primed for success!

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