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Super cool moves that you need to be aware of in the technology playground

Oct 25
Super cool moves that you need to be aware of in the technology playground
Can you feel the excitement of new Kentico 11 changes and Microsoft happenings? Does Google give you a buzz? We know we’re jumping around like happy players at the moment!

Part of the reason we love the work we do at Webcoda is that technology is always changing. There’s always some new solution, idea or feature on the horizon to fix some kind of snafu or improve how we do things. Business, NFPs, social enterprises and the whole nine yards are enabled by changes to technology.

What are some of the cooler changes happening in the technology playground that we’re excited by? Here’s what makes us excited

Kentico 11 is coming (and it looks fine!)

Kentico 11 has been doing the road show tour all year and sharing the love far and wide. This wonderfully built headless CMS is the foundation of the majority of web work we do at Webcoda. With good reason as well- you have a stable CMS that supports multiple languages, is completely cloud friendly and makes managing your online presence a breeze.

The clever thing with Kentico is that with each release, they spend time listening to the market, not to the developers. Kentico build in a way a lot of other technology companies shift away from during maturity- they focus on perceived weaknesses and work hard to make magic happen. In short, Kentico doesn’t shy away from owning the territory that is creating the most innovation. It’s like a self aware human that faces themselves, warts and all, seeing to improve and grow with every passing year.

Looking at Kentico 11, the developers have made the decision to focus on making leaps and bounds in the following areas:

Stronger email marketing campaigns

Kentico 11 is taking your email strategies seriously. The aim is to say goodbye to using third party programs such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact via a focus on native integration of data from the website. By applying data, tech and the existing framework, the idea is to create stronger email campaigns by using business intelligence and technology smarter. No extra steps, less margin for error and more encouraging better email campaigns

Application of social media referral traffic

Its one thing to dig into Google Analytics and see what social media platform is driving traffic, it’s another thing entirely to couple that data with information you already have and create strong campaigns. While many marketers love reporting, it can be difficult to take it to the next level. You need not only to see an increase from Facebook but also the content that triggered it. Knowing more about the posts, pages and social media shares that drive your customers to action is the focus of Kentico 11. You’ll be able to schedule, build and craft content that drives action through understanding your referral traffic better.

Smarter data working harder

Kentico 11 is about diving into a wealth of data and improving the experience for your systems, finance and marketing teams through greater insights. Whatever movements your customers make, you’ll be able to apply that to working data you collect to create stronger, more tailored and better informed campaigns. Even campaigns that make it to the cutting room floor instead of live can be used as a resource. That way, you can make the data work harder and smarter while decreasing your margin for error.

Say goodbye to Office 2007 (and hello to Office 365)

Kentico 11 isn’t the only great movement on the technology playground horizon. Microsoft is unapologetic about their push to get you moving towards the Cloud – and with good reason. Relying on old operating systems and old versions of Microsoft Office cheats you out of being able to enjoy stronger features. Office 2007 will no longer be supported from the end of 2017. So it’s time to move to Office 365.

A couple of things that all organisations need to be aware of are:

Cloud computing is the way of the future

You have to move from static hard drives on a PC level through to old storage racks running the show. You gain greater freedom when you are not locked to hardware and Office 365 allows you to see the benefits in action.  If your physical hardware dies, you still have your work and your files, your emails and your projects. You can choose to work out of office without it being problematic. And life is an easier upgrade without the downtime often associated with large scale hardware upgrades.

Security is paramount

While we may not think we would be of interest to hackers that can never be predicted. Security is everyone’s business. We need to be able to secure personal and customer details against identity theft just as much as against takedowns. That’s why ensuring you run the best possible security at all times and keeping things up to date is essential. That includes browser versions, email exchanges, documents and more.   

Life gets harder with out of date software

While your organisation may baulk at upgrades, Microsoft and other companies are making upgrades simpler and more affordable. We’ve moved from an era of planned obsolesce into upgrades becoming about providing better security, greater access and enhanced features.

While Windows 8 wasn’t a brilliant idea, Windows 10 is user friendly and creates a better user experience overall. Coupling it with subscription or licence based Office 365 gives your team better options. You can collaborate better, create content easier, share and work wherever there is an internet connection and do so with greater security. The longer you remain on old operating systems of with old software, the harder it will get with third party software to upgrade.

HTTPS and PHP 7.0

Google is always changing the nature of SEO to keep ahead of the scammers. But it also has your best interests at heart (for the most part) as well. That’s why Google is finally making HTTPS and PHP 7 mandatory parts of SEO success.

Both these things improve your security. They make it harder to break, breach or flood your website. Plus they make it tougher for malware and viruses to attach and misuse your websites.

HTTPS is a requirement for a safe, secure website. Regardless of whether you sell products from it or not, your website needs to tell Google it is locked down.

So what does this mean for your website security?

You may have noticed an exclamation mark appear in your browser window when you go to some sites. This is an indication that the website is seen as insecure. In some virus protection software, it may also be cause for blocking your website. Security matters to Google, so the protection softwares are following suit.

It means you need to upgrade your website to include SSL security tickets. These special certificates tell Google and those virus softwares that you are protected. This can be done through your hosting service, via Webcoda or by your IT team.

Whoever performs it, it has to happen. For safety and ranking purposes, it’s a must.

Any future Kentico 11 (or other version) builds of websites will be done with HTTPS in mind. Webcoda have already been adopting HTTPS as standard.

How is your technology playground faring?

While it may be exhausting keeping up with the latest and greatest, the changes listed above are foundation changes and can transform your business. They can also be future proofing like the features you can see added with versions such as Kentico 11.  

If you improve your ability to research your customers through smarter data, you have a greater ability to build products and services they care about. You can create a better level of customer service and market to them directly. By choosing Kentico, you can remain at the cutting edge for longer with a range of apps and features available via updates and upgrades.

By providing your staff with tools such as Office 365 and Windows 10, you vastly improve their day to day capability. With that improved capability comes enhanced productivity. Having the right technology makes for a more efficient worker and greater output.

Adding security means less interruptions, stress and problems. Plus, it has the added benefit of helping you rank better in Google while helping you sleep at night.

If you’ve looked around your technology playground and seen the need to close the holes in the fence, get in touch. We can help you build a better approach to your website and keeping the office humming via some Kentico 11, Microsoft and Google magic.


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