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Should you follow the latest web design trends?

Categories: Web Design
Sep 21
Should you follow the latest web design trends?
As a web design agency, we often get clients asking if the right time to refresh the website is when a new website design style is in season.

Curious as to what we mean?
Well, if you think about parallax web design, mobile specific web development and things such as animation, these are all items that have been on trend within web design at some point and have been accepted as part of the web landscape.  

So should you follow the latest cool trend or should you look at working through the process based on other considerations? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of following web design trends now.

Contemporary look versus evergreen web design

The first thing you’ll notice about any form of visual design element is that there are certain looks considered on trend. So what exactly is hot in web design and graphic design in 2017?

A couple of on trend looks you may have seen in marketing and web design recently include:
  • Bold, bright colours and a move away from more realistic tones to experiment with moody spectrums
  • The use of rainbow spectrums and colour transitions. In other words, removing the solid one colour element and bleeding from one colour to another in typography and things such as logos and banners
  • Modern retro is definitely making a splash with the incorporation of iconism as a mashup is also popular. Bringing back old fonts, colour magazine stylings, pop art and comic book look is all giving graphic design and web development projects that infinitely recognisable look we love with a sassy new twist
  • A love of patterns and geometric shapes. You can even see it in wallpaper having a comeback and the same sort of thing landing on the web or the experimentation with monochrome in logo and hero banners
  • Simplicity and minimalism- like IKEA and Scandi design in the home, we love a good, clean web design
  • Text on visual. From telling the story with words and pictures through copy that leads with bold words on sumptuous photography, art and copy are being reunited on many a new website
  • Google led material design is also cutting through the clutter. Google has provided specific information about Google true fonts, design in relation to content, colour schemes and more to help influence design. The aim is to provide a template of tried and tested web design combinations to help design better websites and online marketing material
You may have seen these sorts of designs in action but not been able to put the name to the trend. Now we’ve got you well versed in some of the 2017 web design trends, let’s check out what you need to consider when choosing the latest web design. 

New web designs are a chance to improve

Each time someone creates a new style or fashion, we get the opportunity to improve on the shortcomings of previous designs. Web design is no different.

If we’re playing with a new way of displaying web information in written and visual format, we can avoid mistakes made. This is especially true if your website has navigation issues, a high abandon rate, hidden information and/or has outgrown its original build.

When you look at your website from a fresh perspective, you can also think about areas of improvement such as accessibility for the visually impaired, catering to new audiences and incorporating new technologies that may make it easier for your intended audience to access your website.

On a feature level a new web design may be the opportunity for your organisation to:
  • Make use of mobile responsive design and better enable smartphone and tablet usage
  • Add features to support voice activated search and touch screens
  • Use infographics and video better and overhaul how you display key information and research
  • Add virtual tours and other forms of virtual information
  • Increase your website’s ability to display data
It can be a really smart move to stay abreast with development trends and the accompanying web design necessity to make them happen on a UX level so you can continue to provide good quality customer service.

Consider how often you have budget to update your website

On trend web design may seem like a great idea, but anyone that’s ever heard a track from the 80s will know what’s cool then may not endure. Just like cheesy synthesiser sounds and saxophone screams “80s music, coming through!” to our ears, choosing too trendy a web design can really date your website.

That’s why it’s super important to consider how long your website will need to service your needs without a major refresh or rebuild. It will influence the user experience choices you make and also how you plan the website in terms of expansion.

This is why choosing the right web design is important. If you know that you have scarce budget because you are a not for profit or you cannot refresh the web design on a regular basis, it’s far better to choose evergreen website design styles.

In the eyes of the consumer, the minute you look out of date, their trust for your security, payment facilities and even your approach to business may be reduced. Don’t invite that by choosing the wrong design for the long haul. 

Think about your options

If you have a franchise or are a large scale organisation with a globally recognised brand, you’ll have other elements to consider before the latest trend. Things such as your style guide, company formats, brand recognition, what headquarters do and don’t allow, marketing shared across regions and supporting marketing material can influence and even restrict your options.

However, this doesn’t mean you can forget accessing on trend web design for important campaigns. In fact, this is where the microsite excels.

Webcoda can work with you to create microsites that complement your existing major online assets in terms of web design while also making use of on trend looks. This can be powerful when you are shipping campaigns because it can make your organisation seem forward thinking, progressive and cutting edge.

So while you may not be able to monkey with your usual web presence, there’s usually nothing that says you can’t experiment with the value of microsites and using pop culture, on trend design and live in the now with your marketing campaigns.

Choose functional over fancy

On trend or not, web design is about choosing to utilise great techniques that inspire usage of your website. That’s the whole reason why you have it, after all!

Whether you are supplying info to self researchers, looking to create snappy campaigns or want a slice of the online world your customers rely on, your website matters. It helps you cut down on customer service, bring new leads, educate consumers and more.

In that way, it is always better to choose something that people can use for a long time, regardless of budget or ability to refresh. This is another reason why Kentico is so powerful. You can build the bones of a well oiled and great functioning website and reskin it. You can display it in different languages, for customer segments and make use of promotional and seasonal design easily and effectively.

Even if you choose to follow a 2017 web design trend, you can easily restyle a well constructed Kentico website with some great graphic design.

So what are you waiting for? Throw off your restrictive website and experiment with on trend web design today with Webcoda.

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