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Childrens Medical Research Institute


The brief

The Children’s Medical Research Institute had the following objectives for their website:
  • Uphold brand integrity
  • Facilitate fundraising on behalf of CMRI
  • Promote and facilitate the research work of CMRI
  • Fulfil legal and stewardship obligations
  • Develop and maintain relationships with all sectors of the Australian community
The site was to be developed on an existing content management system that they were using.
  • CMRI_screens_01.png
  • CMRI_screens_02.png
  • CMRI_screens_03.png


When we were first approached by CMRI we knew that they were an organisation we really wanted to be involved with. The incredible work that they do and the fact that a few of us have kids of our own made it an easy decision. This was the first project for our new designer Damian so were really excited about what he would produce. We decided to go for a fully responsive design which looks amazing on any device and includes some really cool features such as the interactive timeline and a mega-menu to make it easy to navigate a very content rich site.

One challenge we faced was that we wanted the donating experience to be as easy on mobile it is on the desktop. To achieve this we designed the form to be simple with large,  thumb-ready fields and buttons.

The other challenge was that the existing CMS was proving to be a limitation. We decided to show CMRI Kentico CMS as an alternative option and they were sold from the moment they saw it. The powerful, easy to use features impressed them so much in fact that they made a decision to move 3 other sites across to Kentico including Jeans for Genes.

  • CMRI_phone_01.png
  • CMRI_responsive_screens_01.png


Icons designed for CMRI website Icons designed for CMRI website

Our old website had been in need of a major overhaul for years just to bring it up to industry standards. As soon as we brought Webcoda on board to help us, we realised we could do more than make our aging website adequate—we could make it cutting edge. Webcoda’s development savvy combined with their fresh in-house design expertise has revolutionised our website capabilities and put us at the head of the pack. We are now partnering with them to improve our intranet, SEO and more. The phrase we heard from them over and over during the development process says it all: “Anything is possible.” I highly recommend Webcoda to anyone looking to innovate or anyone simply looking for a solid web development team they can rely on to get the job done better than expected.

Lorel Colgin, Head of Marketing and Communications, Children’s Medical Research Institute

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