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Gen Aged Care

The brief

Gen Aged Care is a joint project by the Australian Department of Health and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The aim is to create useful, accessible and customised data through presenting visually appealing, information rich reports and graphs. These reports are needed for all kinds of sectors including those weighing up aged care facilities in their local area through to commercial entities interested in providing appropriate services. Healthcare students looking for up to date data for assessments and assignments, community leaders in end of life and aged care and builders of infrastructure, policy and services at local, state and federal government level can all benefit from sharing this information. The Gen Aged Care data aims to make researching, planning and highlighting the needs of this burgeoning industry possible.
The website incorporates the following key deliverables:
  • Demographic information on people in aged care such as their age, sex, marital status, location, self-reported Indigenous status, language spoken at home, and country of birth to aid with research and decision making processes
  • Detailed profile and geographically defined information on service providers and facilities around the country. This includes private and public facilities, region specific data in terms of location, the amount of age care places available (by service provider or facility) and operational status
  • Specialised care data on the type of aged care service received, and care needs and conditions that affect care needs
  • Transparency within financial information including payments and subsidies made to providers and the number of claim days, hours of care provided and care type or level, where applicable
  • Entries to and exits from aged care, including the reason individuals may exit a particular facility
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Webcoda was called upon to build a robust Kentico website with CMS, interactive reporting and ample space for this large volume of data. It was also created to ensure that the needs of the community were met by translating the data into a workable, easily defined, exportable and yet detail rich format.

This includes:
  • Quick overviews of key facts and figures presented in visually appealing and accessible graphs and other reporting formats
  • Filters to help explore information and drill down on specific areas of interest with ease
  • In-depth region profiles, covering demographic characteristics, the capacity to provide community or residential aged care, and the characteristics of people in care in that region
  • Completely customisable reporting that can be displayed on screen, exported for further analysis and/or provided in a well presented, complete report as pdf
  • Deeper analysis of the data that underpins each topic is available to the end user in most, if not all situations
  • Links to other publications and data resources for further study
  • A clearly defined and easily activated path to additional customer service
  • An easy to use Kentico CMS that makes adding new data and information simple for the stakeholder
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The GEN Aged Care website was launched to specification and by the stated delivery time. 
You can tour the project and listen to feedback via the Gen Aged Care video introduction and Gen Aged Care walkthrough. Feedback from the project has been incredibly positive, as you can see.  
It is poised to help all manner interested party make sound decisions in relation to aged care in the future.

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