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Investa Property website

launch site

The brief

Investa is a powerhouse in commercial real estate investment. They pride themselves on being cutting edge, environmentally sound and consumer focused. Investa is one of the leading owners and managers of institutional-grade real estate. With 300 employees, over 40 properties and a portfolio worth over $10billion, Investa needed to capture this extensive network and ability to provide tailored service.

They also wanted to create a user experience that reflected their modern yet hands on approach while reaching a detail orientated yet time poor audience. 

Webcoda was brought in to help with creating a website that captured all these great traits of this high end, well respected and quality investment company.
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To aid with this balance of key takeaway information versus the information needed to present a solid case for investment, Webcoda turned to a variety of different add on features such as:
  • Floor by floor plans of each building to aid in the visualisation of potential
  • Virtual tours of both amenities and the space
  • Providing key selling points such as space, environmental rating, location and comparable properties for proper comparison
  • Creating a property search that was simple to use but rich in detail once complete
  • Converting sales quicker by minimising the gaps between interest and sale by sending info and alert simultaneously to interested party and sales force
  • Large graphics to make information easy to understand and present such as graphs, floor plans and photos from the properties, stock prices with graph and chart and illustrations of key selling points feature throughout
  • SEO was designed to support both the localisation and the Australia wide nature of the product to attract all kinds of interested parties
  • The presentation of like minded properties by feature and location to help the end user compare different opportunities
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Backed by the standard Kentico CMS to provide seamless access to staff to easily update information makes the new Investa website a force to be reckoned with in the commercial property investment stakes.

The Investa website was launched to specification and by the stated delivery time. 

Further additions to enhance the data capabilities of the Investa website are proposed in 2017.

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