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Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

The brief

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is one of Australia's top tourist destinations. it is  also the oldest scientific institution in the country and is home to an outstanding collection of plants from Australia and overseas.

As a leader in their field and an exquisite Sydney landmark and tourist destination, The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney needed a website that reflected the beauty, history, scientific value and wonder of the site on the web.

Webcoda were chosen to create a website that showcased the beauty of the gardens in an interactive, informative way.

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Considering the nature of the Botanic Gardens as a cornerstone lanscape, tourist attraction and scientific site, a website that balanced this well was required.

After intensive workshops that included card sorting, global competitor research and more wireframes than any site Webcoda have ever done before, we put together a solid plan for a great new site design. Our aim was to ensure that information was presented in a useful and manageable way, regardless of the customer's needs. 

Using Kentico CMS and pushing Google maps API, we developed a site that is elegant with superb attention to detail.  It is jam-packed with great information and events yet without feeling cluttered or skewed to one consumer need over others. 

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Webcoda delivered the website on budget and to specification. 

The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens website encapsulates the beauty and wonder of the gorgeous gardens themselves. This is without sacrificing the scientific value of the place or the unique place it holds in Sydney's history and tourism. 

Webcoda delivered a beautiful site that we believe is a fit for one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

A site that looks this good needs performance to match so we optimised it for both mobile and desktop. 


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