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Website Health Report Keep your site running at peak performance with our monthly website health report

Website Health Report

Why a Health Report?

Performance / Peace of mind

Using the analogy of a car. When you buy a new car, parts eventually start wearing or need adjusting such as tyres and wheels. You could wait for things to break down but you would be driving an inefficient vehicle using more petrol or misbehaving by veering left or right. If left long enough it could even break down. Most people maintain their car with a regular service. 

Webcoda’s proactive service is the service and maintenance for your website. Websites are constantly evolving with new content and features which if not monitored can deteriorate your site over time. External factors also such as changing of Google algorithms, software updates or network issues can also affect your site. Ever notice how operating systems tend to slow down over time whether on desktop or mobile devices?

Understanding your site 

We know you are busy and don’t have time to read dozens of reports or may not even understand many of them. That’s why we break all the elements down for you in on easy to read reports with actionable recommendations.

Some of the tools we use:
•    Agency Analytics
•    Google Analytics / Tag Manager
•    Screaming Frog
•    SEO Powersuite
•    Webcoda Monitoring Tool
•    Hotjar
•    Add this
•    Sitemonitor 24x7
•    Visualping
•    Cloudflare

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